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The Bound Notebooks of the "Professional" Geologist. Rite in the Rain® field books allow you to write underwater and work efficiently in any weather while still protecting your valuable data. This is the only bound book made with true outdoor components. The cover, including the glue, is designed to survive extreme weather conditions. Encon find Rulers, scales and goniometers from the PROTRACTOR line. Scriber pencils and pivot magnets for correct geological analysis.

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Aluminum Folder For Taking Notes

The Industrial Planner in aluminum is exclusive and resistant, designed and manufactured by Synergy Supplies . With leather case for rulers and 10 compartments for pens.

Rite In The Rain 293 Gray Country Folder Desk In Polydura

Field desk for geologists and professional explorers. Stores 8 1/2 x 11 in. Sheets (up to 200 sheets), pencils and other field equipment inside the durable polydura plastic housing. With a warmer feel than a conveniently lightweight and...

Rite In The Rain Ref 362 Replacement Blades

Get the same rite in the rain quality with replacement 4-3 / 4 "x 7-1 / 2" blades. Fits No. 200 and No. 210 ring binders. Sold in packs of 100 sheets. size - 4-3 / 4 '' x 7-1 / 2 ''

Roca Munsell® Color Book Chart

This new edition is a revision of the previously published Geological Society of America (GSA) Rock Color Chart prepared by the Rock Color Tables Committee. Included are 115 color chips with Munsell's numerical designation to identify the rock...

540F Rite In The Rain Geological Notebook

Ideal for field work performed by professionals in geology and mining. It incorporates sixteen pages of geological information, including: grain size scales, soil classification, geological map symbols, rock classification diagrams, geological...

Pencil Rayador tungsten Ref Iman 88cm

Tungsten carbide-tipped pencil for estimating the relative hardness of minerals; it also consists of a permanent magnet to establish magnetic minerals.

Rite In The Rain C540F Cordura Case

Cordura fabric case to transport notebook, pencils, and an acid dropper. Improved design with an easy-open closure and two waist clips on the reverse, no strap needed. Best case or bag to store Rite In The Rain Special to store your pens,...

Rite In The Rain 310F Level Yellow Fabrikoid Notebook

It may sound simple, but this bound book is really tough. Made from authentic durable outdoor components, the Fabrikoid cover, all-weather paper, and even glue are designed to withstand the elements. The 310F Waterproof Field Book has 160...

Rite In The Rain Ref 304 Replacement Sheets

Get the same rite in the rain quality with replacement 4 "x 6 1/2" blades. Get the same rite in the rain quality with replacement 4 "x 6 1/2" blades. Fits No. 204 Ring Binder. Sold in packs of 100 sheets.

Rite In The Rain 8511 Copy Paper X 200 Sheets

Copy or laser print your own all-weather forms, tables, maps, and worksheets onto patented Rite in the Rain 8 1-2 x 11 weather copier paper. Now you can have the convenience of using your existing data sheets on paper that can survive in any...

Rite In The Rain Argollada Notebook 146

Universal Pattern, Yellow PolyDura Cover, 50 Sheets (100 Pages). Waterproof paper: 100 pages / 50 sheets per pocket notepad. All-weather paper doesn't get wet when wet and repels water, sweat, grease, mud and will even survive accidental...

Rite In The Rain 93K Standard And Tactical Pens Ballpoint Pen

Ian McCluskey, director of “Les Voyageurs Sans Trace” captured 31 days of scenic beauty in Wyoming and Arizona. As important as his camera, Ian had brought with him a Rite in the Rain Pen and Journal. Constantly wet and covered in mud, he...

Rite In The Rain 302 Transit Replacement Blades

These are the loose sheets that professionals use. Special 6-groove round punches fit Rite in No. 200 (43455), No. 9200 (49440), and No. 9200T (49441) Rain Ring Binders. 4-5 / 8˝ x 7˝ sheet size. Pack of 100 sheets. Tough, durable and weather...