Professional Magnifiers

Mining Magnifiers

The loupes have the TRIPLET configuration that, as we have mentioned, serves to cancel out the chromatic aberrations and the deformations that occur in the light as it passes through the lenses. The 10X lens has a focal length of 18mm. The 20X has a 12mm

Active filters

Illuminated Jeweler Magnifier LED Light

Magnifying glass for geologist or jeweler. Loupes are used in a number of industries, particularly the jewelry trade, watchmaking, photography, printing, dentistry, education, ophthalmology, geology, and biology.

Iwamoto 10X Magnifying Glass Triplet Lens

Superior quality, 10X wide field of view handheld magnifier. Completely corrects spherical and chromatic errors through a three-lens optical glass system. Chrome frame with leather case.

Iwamoto 20X Magnifying Glass Triplet Lens

Japanese-made magnifying glass with the highest quality standards, its three 15mm diameter lenses allow an almost perfect image, without major distortion at the edges. Superior quality, 20X wide field of view handheld magnifier. Completely...

Konus Jeweler Magnifier

The lighting by means of LEDs allows to have a bright light and a low consumption, thus obtaining a prolonged use in time.