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For the use of the brunton compass, the elevation difference between two points is taken into account and can be measured using the Brunton compass as a hand level. The measurement begins by placing yourself at the lowest point and locating a point on the ground that is at eye level and on a route that you can travel by walking between the two extreme points. As soon as the first observation is made, a mental note is made of any object, a branch, a leaf or a stone, which marks the observed place and a view is maintained as one walks towards the place. Placing on this mark, another point is chosen at eye level and the procedure is repeated until the final point is reached. The number of movements is counted and multiplied by the height of the observer's eye, estimating the last fraction to the nearest decimeter. When it comes to the open field, the survey can be done quickly and with precision.

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Brunton Conventional Compass

Practical, versatile and efficient technical compass with metal case and sapphire pyramidal bearing. It allows vertical measurements and includes a clinometer. It has a scale of 360 points.

Brunton AXIS F-5012 compasses

Double Axis Inclinometer. The shaft was invented by geologists for geologists and features a significant new twist on pocket transit that is specially designed for easier geological measurements. Axis Transit can take simultaneous measurements...

Brunton GEO F5010 Compass

A universal mapping tool. The Geo Transit can take dive angle and dive azimuth measurements at the same time. Excellent for international data collection! A flat base allows easier dip angle and dip azimuth measurements at low angles, while the...

Brunton International Compass Metallic

Analog navigation devices specially designed to provide accurate readings in any hemisphere. This Transit series configuration uses long bar Alnico V magnets to resist demagnetization and quickly align with magnetic north.

Compass Type Brunton Transit HARB-DQL8 Pocket Transit 0-360º

Compass with an aluminum body that provides durable and resistant protection. The international suspension means that this Compass can be used by professionals around the world. Aluminum body, water resistant, quick search of magnetic north,...

Brunton 9077 Military Compass Also Known As Lensmatics

The 9077 is a classic military-style observation compass (also known as a lensatic). This compass is perfect for those who want an observation compass with bomber mirrors. The sturdy metal body with a long straight edge ensures easy and...

Brunton Transit Compass GEO LITE

A geology-specific baseplate compass for students and field geologists who prefer a lightweight option or need an effective backup compass for field work. The Geo Lite Transit offers all the precision of a Brunton Transit, in a smaller and...

Brunton 70M Professional Boss Compass

The 70 m compass is the re-evolution of the award-winning Eclipse 8099, with the same 3 clinometer system, combined with its transparent base for working on maps and mirror for observations. With a spirit level for more precise measurements and...