Self-rescue teams 60 and 90 minutes

This respiratory protection device is widely used in mining or other environments, in the event of an accident that generates a lack of oxygen and a high concentration of poisonous gases. It is an open circuit exhaust filtering equipment, which provides in case of emergencies, respiratory protection against Carbon Monoxide (CO) and other gases produced as a result of fires or explosions in underground mining.

Active filters

Mining Self Rescue OXYPRO-50 Steelpro

The OXYPRO-50 closed circuit Autorescator equipment is a portable device of easy availability and use that can be used in emergency situations where the oxygen level and the presence of Gases that displace it suddenly change the atmosphere.

MSA Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

Ready to use indicator. Automatic start. Small size. Lightweight. Sturdy construction Stainless steel cartridge. It can be stored for a long time. Quick availability of use. Delivery of oxygen controlled by the respiratory rhythm. Excellent...