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Spy City Gray Af Ansi Z87 + Lens

SPY CITY STEELPRO safety glasses are made of ophthalmic polycarbonate,
extremely lightweight, strong and impact resistant material. This material protects
against ultraviolet UV rays...

Candados Brady De Bloqueo Nylon Compactos

Brady ® Nylon Padlocks have non-conductive fiberglass reinforced nylon bodies and unique key cylinders that prevent electricity from traveling from the shackle to the key.

COP250,200.00 Price

Clear Nitro Lens

Glasses for visual protection in polycarbonate, used as primary protection of
according to OSHA recommendations. Suitable for outdoor and indoor work,
designed to protect against high...

Mining Self Rescue OXYPRO-50 Steelpro

The OXYPRO-50 closed circuit Autorescator equipment is a portable device of easy availability and use that can be used in emergency situations where the oxygen level and the presence of Gases that displace it suddenly change the atmosphere.

Link 7 mm ropes

Control line is used to guide a victim, in a rescue, or to lift the material.

Anchor Coeur Goujon Petzl

Anchor Coeur Goujon Petzl

  • Composed of a COEUR plate, a nut and a self-expanding pin.
  • Removable plate.
  • Available in two versions.

Adult Aquatic Rescue Mannequin

The Adult Water Rescue Manikin is made of durable vinyl plastic with rust resistant stainless steel skeletons and articulated joints.

Multiflex Polyester Latex Glove

Multiflex is the new generation of gloves incorporating knitted yarn engineering advances, along with investment technology. These technologies make it possible to produce lightweight,...

Monogafa Persona Gray Af Ansi Z87 +

Monolenses for visual protection in polycarbonate, used as primary protection according to OSHA recommendations. Suitable for outdoor and indoor work, designed to protect against high and low...

Rough Guantenitrilsafe Safety Fist Tfcb-R T 9

Nitrilsafe steelpro gloves have a 100% cotton jersey interior, nitrile jersey coating, double layer of thick open cuff, safety cuff.
This jersey nitrile compound is resistant to petroleum...

Iwamoto 20X Magnifying Glass Triplet Lens

Japanese-made magnifying glass with the highest quality standards, its three 15mm diameter lenses allow an almost perfect image, without major distortion at the edges. Superior quality, 20X wide field of view handheld magnifier. Completely...

Speakman Portable Eyewash SE-597

Speakman SE-597 Stainless Steel 5 Gallon Personal Wash is the dependable answer for temporary job locations that need protective emergency equipment.

Visor Oro Fundición 1100°C

Injection molded face shield. The reflective golden heat. The lining is protected with a hard coating to improve service. Application rated for high temperature industrial and furnace operations.

1000 ° C Aluminized Trousers

Aluminized carbon para-aramid blend shows excellent performance in tests for EN ISO 11612 and ASTM F955 certifications

Chaqueta Aluminizada

The aluminized carbon para-aramid blend combines the strength, flexibility and heat resistance of the carbon para-aramid blend, with the radiant heat protection of aluminized protective fabrics.

Aluminized Suit FEM SA

Learn about the best protection for areas with radiant heat. Various industries such as Glass Industry, metallurgy, iron and steel and Furnaces, require advanced level protection for their operators, with this complete aluminized suit, you will...

Aluminized Gloves

ALUMINIZED GLOVES FOR FOUNDRY AND WORK IN HIGH TEMPERATURE OVENS. PROTECT HANDS FROM HEAT AND SPLASHES. Aluminized carbon fleece is another fabric developed in response to the demand for lightweight, more flexible and comfortable primary...

Aluminized Diving Bell

Supports up to 1000 ° C / 2000 ° F. The aluminized fabric provides excellent protection against radiant heat. This protection element is made of high-tech fabric, a mixture of aluminized carbon paraaramid.