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Thermal Cameras For Body Temperature Control In High Traffic Areas

Temperature can be a sign of potential difficulties. With thermal imaging cameras, you can catch anything unforeseen before it becomes a problem. Designed for everyday use in the most demanding industrial environments. Synergy offers infrared...

COP1,400,000.00 Price

Spy City Gray Af Ansi Z87 + Lens

SPY CITY STEELPRO safety glasses are made of ophthalmic polycarbonate,
extremely lightweight, strong and impact resistant material. This material protects
against ultraviolet UV rays...

Self Contained G1 MSA Autonomous Breathing Apparatus

At MSA , say that "When you enter a fire .... MSA goes with you." They are not just words, it is what drives us. In everything we do, we keep your safety and comfort in mind. Introducing the MSA G1 SCBA: The most comfortable, optimized,...

Clear Nitro Lens

Glasses for visual protection in polycarbonate, used as primary protection of
according to OSHA recommendations. Suitable for outdoor and indoor work,
designed to protect against high...

Link 7 mm ropes

Control line is used to guide a victim, in a rescue, or to lift the material.

Anchor Coeur Goujon Petzl

Anchor Coeur Goujon Petzl

  • Composed of a COEUR plate, a nut and a self-expanding pin.
  • Removable plate.
  • Available in two versions.

Adult Aquatic Rescue Mannequin

The Adult Water Rescue Manikin is made of durable vinyl plastic with rust resistant stainless steel skeletons and articulated joints.

Multiflex Polyester Latex Glove

Multiflex is the new generation of gloves incorporating knitted yarn engineering advances, along with investment technology. These technologies make it possible to produce lightweight,...

Rite In The Rain Argollada Notebook 146

Universal Pattern, Yellow PolyDura Cover, 50 Sheets (100 Pages). Waterproof paper: 100 pages / 50 sheets per pocket notepad. All-weather paper doesn't get wet when wet and repels water, sweat, grease, mud and will even survive accidental...

28 "Led Light Reflective Cone

Road marking cone
Square base
Refractive tapes
High-strength, lightweight, easy-to-handle PVC material
The retractable system in polyester with all its mass, prevents discoloration
Built-in led system with on / off...

Wood Fiber & Biodegradable Geology Flagging Tape

Special tape to leave position marks, work areas, terrain, roads; point out directions or leave messages. waterproof, resistant in harsh environments. High visibility fluorescent colors. Made of vinyl and wood fiber, resistant. Width of 2.5 Cm...

Rite In The Rain Ref 304 Replacement Sheets

Get the same rite in the rain quality with replacement 4 "x 6 1/2" blades. Get the same rite in the rain quality with replacement 4 "x 6 1/2" blades. Fits No. 204 Ring Binder. Sold in packs of 100 sheets.

Estwing 10 Inch Steel Pan


Estwing Steel Gold Pans have pleats for complete separation and a drawstring hole for easy use and transport.

Rescue kits

Each option contains the following products:

Rough Guantenitrilsafe Safety Fist Tfcb-R T 9

Nitrilsafe steelpro gloves have a 100% cotton jersey interior, nitrile jersey coating, double layer of thick open cuff, safety cuff.
This jersey nitrile compound is resistant to petroleum...

Mosquetones YOKE N244G YOKE - 1 Mosquetones YOKE N244G YOKE - 1
  • New

Mosquetones YOKE N244G

The Yoke N-244G Carabiner is a two-step self-locking carabiner hook that is part of the Yoke® series of connectors and fall clips.

COP41,040.00 Price