Cutting disks

Cutting disks

Cutting disc heavy - duty 24mm (420) For cutting and cutting in metal, wood and plastic. The cut -off wheel makes it easy to cut or groove bolts, screws, sheet metal, fine wood, and plastic. ... The blade disc only cuts at its edge.

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Silent Diamond Cutting Blades Diamant Boart

Different materials present different challenges, and the wide range of specific bonding agents, along with a variety of standard noise-reducing steel centers, offer the perfect solution. We strongly recommend that you use a blade adapted to...

Diamond Blade HUSQVARNA TACTI-CUT S50 PLUS 350 mm

For Core Cutting in mining and granite. High speed on hard materials: The composition of the disc is designed to provide high speed on hard materials. High speed in universal materials of construction: The composition of the disc is designed to...