List of products by brand Petzl

Poche Pixa Flashlight Case

Carrying case for the PIXA flashlight

The POCHE case allows you to transport and protect the PIXA flashlight in any situation. Worn at the waist, the flashlight is always within easy reach

Rescue kits

Each option contains the following products:

Spiky PLUS Petzl

They can be placed on any type of footwear to increase traction on icy and slippery surfaces.

Pixa 3 Flashlight

Headlamp that allows evolution in ATEX explosive atmospheres, suitable for near vision, movement and distance vision. 100 lumens

Sequoia Srt Petzl

Straps for the SEQUOIA SRT pruning seat harness designed to distribute the load between the belt and the shoulders and improve comfort. These straps are connected to the ventral attachment point of the harness and to the two loops located at...

Alveo Vent Petzl Helmet For Work At Heights Ventilated

Provided with a resistant chinstrap, the ALVEO VENT helmet is a very light helmet intended for workers at height. It has ventilation holes to aerate the helmet according to the conditions of use. Its construction prioritizes lightness and its...

Petzl Single PRO Traxion Pulley

The PRO TRAXION locking pulley has been designed to be able to install the rope when the pulley is attached to the anchor. With the large diameter sheave and very high performance, it is specially...

Carabiner Demi Rond

Closed and tightened with a key, this aluminum maillon allows to close any harness when it is necessary to connect the two attachment points

Petzl Personal Backpack 15L

The Personnel bag is a robust bag with a small capacity. From now on, the tarpaulin used is made without PVC.

Link 7 mm ropes

Control line is used to guide a victim, in a rescue, or to lift the material.

Vertex Vent Petzl Helmet For Ventilated Heights

The VERTEX VENT helmet offers a very comfortable fit, thanks to the six-point textile harness and the CENTERFIT and FLIP & FIT systems that guarantee an excellent hold of the helmet on the head. With an adjustable resistance chinstrap, it...

Vertex Best Petzl Duo Helmet With 14 Led Double Focus Lamp

The VERTEX BEST DUO LED 14 combines a comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue and a waterproof, robust torch with double halogen focus and LEDs. With its resistant chinstrap, the VERTEX BEST helmet is a reference in terms of head...

Petzl Vertex Best Height Helmet

Comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue. Its non-ventilated casing ensures protection against electrical hazards and molten metal splashes. Six-point textile harness that conforms to the shape of the head for more comfort. Shock...

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