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Iwamoto 20X Magnifying Glass Triplet Lens

Japanese-made magnifying glass with the highest quality standards, its three 15mm diameter lenses allow an almost perfect image, without major distortion at the edges. Superior quality, 20X wide field of view handheld magnifier. Completely...

540F Rite In The Rain Geological Notebook

Ideal for field work performed by professionals in geology and mining. It incorporates sixteen pages of geological information, including: grain size scales, soil classification, geological map symbols, rock classification diagrams, geological...

Ultra Defense Sunscreen SPF 60 118 Milliliters

Ultra Defense Sunscreen SPF 60 118 Milliliters. Broad spectrum uva / uvb protection improved grape protection, more photostable protection thanks to patented avotriplex technology. very resistant to water and sweat free of oils, it absorbs...

Spy City Gray Af Ansi Z87 + Lens

SPY CITY STEELPRO safety glasses are made of ophthalmic polycarbonate,
extremely lightweight, strong and impact resistant material. This material protects
against ultraviolet UV rays...

Rite In The Rain Argollada Notebook 146

Universal Pattern, Yellow PolyDura Cover, 50 Sheets (100 Pages). Waterproof paper: 100 pages / 50 sheets per pocket notepad. All-weather paper doesn't get wet when wet and repels water, sweat, grease, mud and will even survive accidental...

Wood Fiber & Biodegradable Geology Flagging Tape

Special tape to leave position marks, work areas, terrain, roads; point out directions or leave messages. waterproof, resistant in harsh environments. High visibility fluorescent colors. Made of vinyl and wood fiber, resistant. Width of 2.5 Cm...

Rite In The Rain Ref 304 Replacement Sheets

Get the same rite in the rain quality with replacement 4 "x 6 1/2" blades. Get the same rite in the rain quality with replacement 4 "x 6 1/2" blades. Fits No. 204 Ring Binder. Sold in packs of 100 sheets.

Estwing 10 Inch Steel Pan


Estwing Steel Gold Pans have pleats for complete separation and a drawstring hole for easy use and transport.

Aero Clear Lens Af Ansi Z87 +

Eye protection glasses, used as primary protection according to OSHA recommendations. Suitable for outdoor and indoor work, designed to protect against high and low speed impacts. Dyes according...

Konus Jeweler Magnifier

The lighting by means of LEDs allows to have a bright light and a low consumption, thus obtaining a prolonged use in time.

Reflex 26D Ep-T06C Earplug In Bag Nrr

Reusable silicone PVC ear protector, with cord, antiallergic material,
soft with 3 membranes that seal the ear canal. Easy to use and accommodate,
available in a case...

Spy Flex Clear Lens Af Ansi Z87 +

Glasses for visual protection in polycarbonate, used as primary protection of
according to OSHA recommendations. Suitable for outdoor and indoor work,
designed to protect against high...

Rite In The Rain 302 Transit Replacement Blades

These are the loose sheets that professionals use. Special 6-groove round punches fit Rite in No. 200 (43455), No. 9200 (49440), and No. 9200T (49441) Rain Ring Binders. 4-5 / 8˝ x 7˝ sheet size. Pack of 100 sheets. Tough, durable and weather...

Pencil Rayador tungsten Ref Iman 88cm

Tungsten carbide-tipped pencil for estimating the relative hardness of minerals; it also consists of a permanent magnet to establish magnetic minerals.

Herpetological Forceps To Capture Snakes Jaws 2 ¼ Inch

Test results have shown that the 2 ¼ inch wide jaws eliminate stress in many situations, allowing animals to be handled in a more relaxed state compared to other grippers currently available in the reptile industry. Some species that react...

Backpack CONDOR ASSAULT 129-002 Condor Outdoor - 1 Backpack CONDOR ASSAULT 129-002 Condor Outdoor - 1
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Backpack CONDOR ASSAULT 129-002

Medium-sized tactical backpack with a capacity of 30 liters manufactured by Condor Outdoor. It was made from a highly durable 1000D polyester in a black colorway.

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NIKON Coolpix S33 camera  - 1 NIKON Coolpix S33 camera  - 1
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NIKON Coolpix S33 camera

The ultra-rugged and easy-to-use 13-megapixel COOLPIX S33 can adapt to whatever life throws at it: it is shock resistant from drops up to 1.5m, cold at temperatures down to -10 ° C and to dust.

Radians Glasses Case

Radianes offers a variety of cases available to provide additional protection and portability to your safety glasses.