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Rite In The Rain C540F Cordura Case

Cordura fabric case to transport notebook, pencils, and an acid dropper. Improved design with an easy-open closure and two waist clips on the reverse, no strap needed. Best case or bag to store Rite In The Rain Special to store your pens,...

Pot Estwing B34LB 4 Pounds Almadana

It offers the ultimate in comfort and durability, while reducing vibrations caused by impact. Estwing hammers are the only hammers that can make this claim. The head and handle are forged in one piece and have an attractive blue UV coating,...

Thermohygroanemometer Tma40-A

Thermo-hygro anemometer. Air speed meter (Anemometer) with range from 0.4 to 32 m / s, measures temperature in a range from -20 to 70 ºC; measures RH of 100%; USB connection. Model Amprobe TMA40-A Code: TMA40-A.

Brunton GEO F5010 Compass

A universal mapping tool. The Geo Transit can take dive angle and dive azimuth measurements at the same time. Excellent for international data collection! A flat base allows easier dip angle and dip azimuth measurements at low angles, while the...

Pixa 3 Flashlight

Headlamp that allows evolution in ATEX explosive atmospheres, suitable for near vision, movement and distance vision. 100 lumens

Mining Self Rescue OXYPRO-50 Steelpro

The OXYPRO-50 closed circuit Autorescator equipment is a portable device of easy availability and use that can be used in emergency situations where the oxygen level and the presence of Gases that displace it suddenly change the atmosphere.

Garmin GPSMAP® 64sc With Camera

The GPSMAP 64sc portable navigator has a 3-axis tilt-compensated compass, a barometric altimeter, and an 8-megapixel auto-focus camera that automatically adds georeferences and coordinates to your photos. The GPSMAP 64sc also features a...

MSA Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

Ready to use indicator. Automatic start. Small size. Lightweight. Sturdy construction Stainless steel cartridge. It can be stored for a long time. Quick availability of use. Delivery of oxygen controlled by the respiratory rhythm. Excellent...

Bags For Geological Samples And Mining Samples Synergy Supplies - 2 Bags For Geological Samples And Mining Samples Synergy Supplies - 1
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Bags For Geological Samples And Mining Samples

These bags allow an easy and fast draining of the water since they are made of polypropylene fiber, becoming seven times more resistant than the bags. Mining sample bags. Bags for minerals and rocks. Special bags for mining. Heavy duty bags....

Ultra Defense Sunscreen SPF 60 118 Milliliters

Ultra Defense Sunscreen SPF 60 118 Milliliters. Broad spectrum uva / uvb protection improved grape protection, more photostable protection thanks to patented avotriplex technology. very resistant to water and sweat free of oils, it absorbs...

NIKON Coolpix S33 camera  - 1 NIKON Coolpix S33 camera  - 1
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NIKON Coolpix S33 camera

The ultra-rugged and easy-to-use 13-megapixel COOLPIX S33 can adapt to whatever life throws at it: it is shock resistant from drops up to 1.5m, cold at temperatures down to -10 ° C and to dust.

Sunscreen SPF50 + Uvx Premium 1000 Ml

Steelpro is a hypoallergenic sunscreen cream, resistant to water and perspiration. Inhibits the action of UVA and UVB rays through the combination of physical and chemical filters, reaching a sun...

Meerkat Leggings Against Snake Bite Synergy Supplies - 1 Meerkat Leggings Against Snake Bite Synergy Supplies - 1
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Meerkat Leggings Against Snake Bite

Surveyors, geologists, agronomists, biologists, hunters, explorers, well drillers, ranchers, campers, field workers, or anyone who is going to do outdoor activities in areas of possible encounter with poisonous snakes.

Poche Pixa Flashlight Case

Carrying case for the PIXA flashlight

The POCHE case allows you to transport and protect the PIXA flashlight in any situation. Worn at the waist, the flashlight is always within easy reach

Red Emergency First Aid Case Elite Bags - 1 Red Emergency First Aid Case Elite Bags - 1
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Red Emergency First Aid Case

Light and practical emergency bag that has two adjustable internal dividers and a mesh pocket on the flap to facilitate the organization of medical supplies.

Compass Type Brunton Transit HARB-DQL8 Pocket Transit 0-360º

Compass with an aluminum body that provides durable and resistant protection. The international suspension means that this Compass can be used by professionals around the world. Aluminum body, water resistant, quick search of magnetic north,...

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Silent Diamond Cutting Blades Diamant Boart

Different materials present different challenges, and the wide range of specific bonding agents, along with a variety of standard noise-reducing steel centers, offer the perfect solution. We strongly recommend that you use a blade adapted to...

Rechargeable KL5LM Mining Lamp For Helmet Synergy Supplies - 1 Rechargeable KL5LM Mining Lamp For Helmet Synergy Supplies - 1
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Rechargeable KL5LM Mining Lamp For Helmet

This is a new environmentally friendly mining lamp, which uses 1W LEDs which are the most advanced ones made by LUMILEDS (Japanese) company. This type of lamp can be used in mines that present a flammable and / or explosive environment, such as...