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Electric Arc Suit KIT 40 Cal

Garments made with advanced flame-resistant and arc-rated padding materials. In addition to the standard arc flash clothing options, we manufacture a premium 40 cal lightweight option made from advanced arc and flame resistant materials.

28 "Led Light Reflective Cone

Road marking cone
Square base
Refractive tapes
High-strength, lightweight, easy-to-handle PVC material
The retractable system in polyester with all its mass, prevents discoloration
Built-in led system with on / off...

Aluminized Gloves

ALUMINIZED GLOVES FOR FOUNDRY AND WORK IN HIGH TEMPERATURE OVENS. PROTECT HANDS FROM HEAT AND SPLASHES. Aluminized carbon fleece is another fabric developed in response to the demand for lightweight, more flexible and comfortable primary...

Viewfinder For Casting With Gold Film

Visors, molded and with a reflective layer of gold to protect against radiation impact and radiant heat. The reflective layer repels infrared rays from the surface of the visor, away from the user. Ideal for hot conditions such as foundries,...

Blue Orange Kevlar Reinforced Welding Glove

Manual safety line, with different gloves that provide protection in different uses that incorporate the highest technology. They also have international certifications that guarantee their...

Aluminized Suits For Foundry 1000 ° C

The aluminized carbon para-aramid blend combines the strength, flexibility, heat resistance, and cut and abrasion resistance of the carbon para-aramid blend, with the radiant heat protection of aluminized protective fabrics. The substrate is a...

Mongoose Chaps Anti Snake Bite Leggings

It is a personal protective equipment "PPE" that has been elaborated with strict quality controls that guarantee your protection and safety to prevent the bite of a poisonous snake. Provides thigh-high protection and is suitable for poisonous...

Aluminized Suit FEM SA

Learn about the best protection for areas with radiant heat. Various industries such as Glass Industry, metallurgy, iron and steel and Furnaces, require advanced level protection for their operators, with this complete aluminized suit, you will...

18" GUANTE carbono aluminizado FLEECE COMBO

1500-1800 ° F working temperature. Made from 12 oz./sq. yard Aluminized carbon fleece back, 30 oz./sq. carbon aramid palm yard and 7.3 oz./sq.yd. aluminized basophil palm road.

1000 ° C Aluminized Trousers

Aluminized carbon para-aramid blend shows excellent performance in tests for EN ISO 11612 and ASTM F955 certifications

Aluminized Diving Bell

Supports up to 1000 ° C / 2000 ° F. The aluminized fabric provides excellent protection against radiant heat. This protection element is made of high-tech fabric, a mixture of aluminized carbon paraaramid.

Meerkat Leggings Against Snake Bite

Surveyors, geologists, agronomists, biologists, hunters, explorers, well drillers, ranchers, campers, field workers, or anyone who is going to do outdoor activities in areas of possible encounter with poisonous snakes.

Visor Oro Fundición 1100°C

Injection molded face shield. The reflective golden heat. The lining is protected with a hard coating to improve service. Application rated for high temperature industrial and furnace operations.

Folding Herpetological Forceps For Snake Capture

NEW 40-inch folding clamp. It has the highest quality folding components available. The only folding tweezers available, it has now been upgraded to a more user-friendly, high-quality precision tool that will amaze you with its looks and...

Herpetological Forceps To Capture Snakes Jaws 2 ¼ Inch

Test results have shown that the 2 ¼ inch wide jaws eliminate stress in many situations, allowing animals to be handled in a more relaxed state compared to other grippers currently available in the reptile industry. Some species that react...

Chaqueta Aluminizada

The aluminized carbon para-aramid blend combines the strength, flexibility and heat resistance of the carbon para-aramid blend, with the radiant heat protection of aluminized protective fabrics.

Radians SV22-2 Reflective Vest

Radians SV22-2 Economy Class 2 safety vest with two-tone adjustment supports protection at an economical price. An excellent choice for extreme work environments such as asphalt that greatly reduces the...

Reflective Vest Radians SV2

Radians SV2 Economy Class Safety Vest 2 offers compliant protection at an economical price. An excellent choice for extreme work environments, such as asphalt paving, which greatly reduces the life of a vest or short-term labor protection.

Radians Reflective Waterproof Jacket For Cold SJ21

Radians SJ21 Three-in-One Deluxe Bomber Jacket has a zip out fleece jacket, hidden removable hood, elasticated waist, and multiple interior and exterior pockets. Safety Jacket has 2 "silver reflective tape for high visibility.

Radians SV24-2 Reflective Vest

Radians SV24-2 Class 2 Expandable Breakaway Two Tone Safety Vest has an expandable waist with adjustable sides. 5 Breakaway Point on the right and left shoulder, on the...