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Industrial safety helmets

Head protection is designed to protect you if there is a risk of falling objects or hitting your head against fixed objects (eg where there is little headroom). They are specially designed to protect the worker against risks due to blows or falling objects at different levels, risks that can cause head and neck injuries. Our proposal is the MSA helmets and the vertex helmets of the PETZL brand.

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Vertex Vent Petzl Helmet For Ventilated Heights

The VERTEX VENT helmet offers a very comfortable fit, thanks to the six-point textile harness and the CENTERFIT and FLIP & FIT systems that guarantee an excellent hold of the helmet on the head. With an adjustable resistance chinstrap, it...

H1 MSA Helmet For Heights V-Gard Trivent

Height safety helmet designed for tower climbing, forestry activities, rescue and confined spaces. The V-Gard® H1 Safety Helmet offers exceptional comfort and ease of use in a sleek, low-profile helmet design. A complete range of accessories...

Alveo Vent Petzl Helmet For Work At Heights Ventilated

Provided with a resistant chinstrap, the ALVEO VENT helmet is a very light helmet intended for workers at height. It has ventilation holes to aerate the helmet according to the conditions of use. Its construction prioritizes lightness and its...

Yellow Visor Cap With Rachet

• The 8x16 visor made of non-corrosive liquid and acid splash resistant polycarbonate also resists impacts from high speed and low energy particles.

Vertex Best Petzl Duo Helmet With 14 Led Double Focus Lamp

The VERTEX BEST DUO LED 14 combines a comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue and a waterproof, robust torch with double halogen focus and LEDs. With its resistant chinstrap, the VERTEX BEST helmet is a reference in terms of head...

Evo Pro Executive Blue Helmet

Short visor for work at height, confined spaces and heights
voltage. Protects from rain and at the same time allows great visibility.
Inner expanded polyethylene foam, offering...

Fas-Track III MSA - 1 Fas-Track III MSA - 1
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Fas-Track III

Ensuring that staff wear their safety helmets can be a real headache. MSA , the leading supplier of safety helmets, has the perfect solution: the new Fas-Trac ® III Suspension. Designed for use with the MSA helmets on the market improves helmet...

Petzl Vertex Best Height Helmet

Comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue. Its non-ventilated casing ensures protection against electrical hazards and molten metal splashes. Six-point textile harness that conforms to the shape of the head for more comfort. Shock...

COP495,000.00 Price

Eco Yellow Helmet With Rachet

Eco steelpro safety helmet in a variety of colors against protection from vertical and lateral impacts, conductive channels for liquids or rain, also has a slot to adjust cup-type ear covers such...