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Adjustable Positioning Lanyard 50-21A EPI EPI CALI - 1 Adjustable Positioning Lanyard 50-21A EPI EPI CALI - 1
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Adjustable Positioning Lanyard 50-21A EPI

The sling Ref. 50-21A and Ref. 50-21C are an element that is part of the Personal Fall Restriction System and their use is recommended when carrying out work at heights (according to the NTC standard, heights greater than 1.50m) .

Vertigo Twist-Lock Carabiner

The VERTIGO TWIST-LOCK carabiner has been designed to equip progression lanyards. Its excellent grip in the hand and its automatic locking system facilitate handling during the fractionation process. The large opening and the Keylock system...

Vertex Vent Petzl Helmet For Ventilated Heights

The VERTEX VENT helmet offers a very comfortable fit, thanks to the six-point textile harness and the CENTERFIT and FLIP & FIT systems that guarantee an excellent hold of the helmet on the head. With an adjustable resistance chinstrap, it...

Petzl Personal Backpack 15L

The Personnel bag is a robust bag with a small capacity. From now on, the tarpaulin used is made without PVC.

Avao Bod Petzl

The AVAO BOD fall arrest and support harness has been designed to increase wearing comfort in all situations. The X-shaped back construction is ultra-wrap to limit stress points during extended suspension. With...

Olight S15 Mini Umenes Led Rechargeable Flashlight

Its design is the same that has made the Mini Maglite an iconic piece and that makes them the most recognizable flashlights of the last 25 years. It also continues the renowned precision and quality for which Maglite has always been renowned.

Carabiner Spirit

Use reserved for progression in climbing technique.

Non-locking, clips...

Harness In X Eco Line

STEELPRO in its line of heights "ECO LINE" offers a series of harnesses and active fall protection devices required under American regulations and standards, with functional and ergonomic designs...

Single Adjustable Restraint Sling

STEELPRO in its line of heights "EXPERT LINE" offers a series of harnesses and active protection devices for falls, required under national regulations (Resolution 1409 of July 2012) and...

Alveo Vent Petzl Helmet For Work At Heights Ventilated

Provided with a resistant chinstrap, the ALVEO VENT helmet is a very light helmet intended for workers at height. It has ventilation holes to aerate the helmet according to the conditions of use. Its construction prioritizes lightness and its...

Fixed Anchor Point Flat Ring Type D

Temporary anchor connectors work by hugging the anchor point and allow a compatible connection to a lifeline, restraint or retractable. They are made of flexible and resistant material, easy to place and monitor.

Seat For Sequoia And Sequoia Srt Petzl

Wide seat to work comfortably in suspension. Adjustable width to minimize volume and facilitate movement around the tree canopy. Connects to the two locking rings on the SEQUOIA Pruning Seat Harnesses

Secur Petzl


The SECUR shoulder straps hold the CROLL belly blocker and are mounted on an AVAO SIT, FALCON, FALCON ASCENT or SEQUOIA SRT seat...

Petzl Vertex Best Height Helmet

Comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue. Its non-ventilated casing ensures protection against electrical hazards and molten metal splashes. Six-point textile harness that conforms to the shape of the head for more comfort. Shock...

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Adjustable Positioning Sling

STEELPRO by Hutter fall protection lanyard. Made of 25 mm bicolor flat ribbon
yellow / black (polyester) with carabiner (single) double safety clasp at both ends.
Maximum unit length:...

Freino carabiner

Carabiner with braking hook for descender

The FREINO is ideal for adding braking or modulating it during the...