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Protection And Heights

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28 "Led Light Reflective Cone

Road marking cone
Square base
Refractive tapes
High-strength, lightweight, easy-to-handle PVC material
The retractable system in polyester with all its mass, prevents discoloration
Built-in led system with on / off...

Radians Cloak Glasses

Radians Cloak ™ Double Protection Goggle Mold offers greater impact, dust and splash chemical protection than safety glasses.
Aluminized Suits For Foundry 1000 ° C Synergy Supplies - 1 Aluminized Suits For Foundry 1000 ° C Synergy Supplies - 1
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Aluminized Suits For Foundry 1000 ° C

The aluminized carbon para-aramid blend combines the strength, flexibility, heat resistance, and cut and abrasion resistance of the carbon para-aramid blend, with the radiant heat protection of aluminized protective fabrics. The substrate is a...

Guantes De Carnaza Reforzado Para Soldador  - 1 Guantes De Carnaza Reforzado Para Soldador  - 1
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Guantes De Carnaza Reforzado Para Soldador

Gloves in leather for industrial use are recommended for operations with mechanical risk factors such as abrasion and puncture, and ideal for tasks such as handling tools, boxes, materials in warehouse, and loading and unloading tasks.

COP10,080.00 Price

Faena Safety Mesh Roll

High-strength PVC mesh, easy to place to delimit spaces, and provide security in open spaces. Highly reflective and is reusable.

Monoglass Everest Claro Antifog Ansi Z87 +

Suitable for outdoor and indoor work, designed to protect against high and low speed impacts.
Dyes according to ANSI Z 87.1-2010 requirements
suitable to protect against ultraviolet...

Rough Guantenitrilsafe Safety Fist Tfcb-R T 9

Nitrilsafe steelpro gloves have a 100% cotton jersey interior, nitrile jersey coating, double layer of thick open cuff, safety cuff.
This jersey nitrile compound is resistant to petroleum...

Petzl Personal Backpack 15L

The Personnel bag is a robust bag with a small capacity. From now on, the tarpaulin used is made without PVC.


SAFETY BOOT in GREASE COFFEE LEATHER OR NOBUCK LEATHER. Metallic (steel) or non-metallic (composite / polycarbonate) toe cap. Rubber sole with synthetic nitrile and / or polyurethane (PU), resistant to hydrocarbons, vegetable and mineral oils....

Radians Dagger glasses

Radians Dagger ™ foam lined safety glasses have snap-in temples that allow interchangeable ratcheting and telescopic adjustable headband temples.

Avao Bod Fast Petzl

• Ventral attachment point: connection of a descender or a restraint lanyard in simple use

• Side attachment points: connection of a securing lanyard in dual use
• Sternal attachment point: connection of the fall arrest system