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Protection And Heights

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Petzl Vertex Best Height Helmet

Comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue. Its non-ventilated casing ensures protection against electrical hazards and molten metal splashes. Six-point textile harness that conforms to the shape of the head for more comfort. Shock...

Mongoose Chaps Anti Snake Bite Leggings

It is a personal protective equipment "PPE" that has been elaborated with strict quality controls that guarantee your protection and safety to prevent the bite of a poisonous snake. Provides thigh-high protection and is suitable for poisonous...

Aluminized Suits For Foundry 1000 ° C

The aluminized carbon para-aramid blend combines the strength, flexibility, heat resistance, and cut and abrasion resistance of the carbon para-aramid blend, with the radiant heat protection of aluminized protective fabrics. The substrate is a...

Aluminized Suit FEM SA

Learn about the best protection for areas with radiant heat. Various industries such as Glass Industry, metallurgy, iron and steel and Furnaces, require advanced level protection for their operators, with this complete aluminized suit, you will...

Petzl connecting ring

The RING connecting ring is installed directly on the attachment bridge of the SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses to improve the lateral mobility of the pruner while it acts as a stop on the locking rings.

Mosquetones YOKE N244G

The Yoke N-244G Carabiner is a two-step self-locking carabiner hook that is part of the Yoke® series of connectors and fall clips.

Guantes De Carnaza Reforzado Para Soldador

Gloves in leather for industrial use are recommended for operations with mechanical risk factors such as abrasion and puncture, and ideal for tasks such as handling tools, boxes, materials in warehouse, and loading and unloading tasks.

Fixed Anchor Point Flat Ring Type D

Temporary anchor connectors work by hugging the anchor point and allow a compatible connection to a lifeline, restraint or retractable. They are made of flexible and resistant material, easy to place and monitor.

KN95 Respirator CE and FDA Certified Mask

Respirator designed in order to achieve greater comfort while providing effective protection to the user, both in their placement and breathing. Its convex shape, the design of its elastic bands and the clip for adjustment to the nose; ensure...

Mosquetón Yoke Carabiner

41 kn (8,000 lb) steel carabiner, self-locking, asymmetric D-type. The Yoke N-250G Carabiner is a two-step self-locking carabiner hook that is part of the Yoke® series of connectors and fall clips.

1000 ° C Aluminized Trousers

Aluminized carbon para-aramid blend shows excellent performance in tests for EN ISO 11612 and ASTM F955 certifications

Respirator N95 M920 Particulate Material Steelpro

Thermo-formed and heat-sealed maintenance-free particulate respirator, designed to achieve greater comfort while providing adequate protection for the user. It allows the filtration of oil-free particulate matter down to a size of 0.3 μm...

Multipurpose X Harness

Steelpro by Hutter offers a large selection of fall protection harnesses to satisfy
better the needs of customers in all industries - offers exceptional functionality
with additional...

Vertex Best Petzl Duo Helmet With 14 Led Double Focus Lamp

The VERTEX BEST DUO LED 14 combines a comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue and a waterproof, robust torch with double halogen focus and LEDs. With its resistant chinstrap, the VERTEX BEST helmet is a reference in terms of head...

Casco Bombero CRAINS INVADER 10180839

Designed to accommodate a wide variety of head sizes for an SCBA mask fit, the Cairns 664 Invader Helmet shell provides superior protection against impact and temperature. It has the shell release system to safely escape the dangers of...