Prevention and Intervention

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Lock Out Metal Clamp

Mechanical locking clamp.
Made for intervention and maintenance
equipment mechanic.

Cylinder RP Econo-Cal MSA Gas Test Standard

MSA econocal offers a complete line of span gas cylinders to verify and calibrate all instruments. The gas mixture in span gas cylinders is certified to be gravimetrically prepared, using NIST calibrated weights. The lot number and nominal...

Refrigerador Haier HBC–80  - 1 Refrigerador Haier HBC–80  - 1
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Refrigerador Haier HBC–80

Haier HBC-80 E003 / 089 Mains-Powered Ice-Lined Refrigerator for Vaccine Storage Ambient Operating Temperature: min. + 5 ° C, max. + 43 ° C Net vaccine storage volume: 61 L Supplied with voltage regulator and temperature control device.

Thermal Cameras For Body Temperature Control In High Traffic Areas

Temperature can be a sign of potential difficulties. With thermal imaging cameras, you can catch anything unforeseen before it becomes a problem. Designed for everyday use in the most demanding industrial environments. Synergy offers infrared...

COP1,400,000.00 Price

Self Contained G1 MSA Autonomous Breathing Apparatus

At MSA , say that "When you enter a fire .... MSA goes with you." They are not just words, it is what drives us. In everything we do, we keep your safety and comfort in mind. Introducing the MSA G1 SCBA: The most comfortable, optimized,...

Adult Aquatic Rescue Mannequin

The Adult Water Rescue Manikin is made of durable vinyl plastic with rust resistant stainless steel skeletons and articulated joints.

Rescue kits

Each option contains the following products:

Diagnostic Flashlight Fortelux 5074 Riester  - 1 Diagnostic Flashlight Fortelux 5074 Riester  - 1
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Diagnostic Flashlight Fortelux 5074 Riester

Made of aluminum and standard 2.2 v lighting. Supplied with 2 batteries. Metal clip for better fastening to the doctor's gown. The fortelux® N diagnostic flashlight is an inexpensive model for general and pupil examinations.

Pulsioximetro Synergy Supplies - 1 Pulsioximetro Synergy Supplies - 1
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Finger pulse oximeter is an inexpensive and accurate method of detecting heart rate and blood oxygen saturation through the fingers.

COP135,000.00 Price

Bradley Portable 7 Gl Eyewash Station

The self-contained eyewash unit is ideal anywhere there is no water supply. available. Rinse eyes for 15 minutes at a minimum of 0.4 gallons / minute using just 7 gallons of water.

COP1,771,020.00 Price
Magill Dimeda forceps DIMEDA - 1 Magill Dimeda forceps DIMEDA - 1
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Magill Dimeda forceps

Through the mouth, size 17 cm for neonates, 20 cm for children and 25 cm for adults.

Mindray BeneHeart D3 Cardiodefibrillator Monitor MINDRAY - 1 Mindray BeneHeart D3 Cardiodefibrillator Monitor MINDRAY - 1
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Mindray BeneHeart D3 Cardiodefibrillator Monitor

4 in 1 Pediatric Adult External Paddles Defibrillator Monitor: Defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, AED and Monitoring. Administration of doses from 1J to 360J. Compact design - easy to carry and use. With 7 ”screen.

Sked® Rescue Stretcher Basic System International Orange

The original rescue stretcher and is still the best for tight spaces, high angle or technical rescue and traditional ground applications. The Sked stretcher is a revolutionary design that provides exceptional patient protection and safety.

FOX 80 whistle  - 1 FOX 80 whistle  - 1
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FOX 80 whistle

FOX 80 whistle originating from Canada, is a brand of the most important matches in many overseas use, such as NBA, CFL, FIBA, especially now that they are selling this whistle is the boutique whistle, including noise and noisy surroundings...

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Laryngoscope Shells  - 1 Laryngoscope Shells  - 1
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Laryngoscope Shells

Pre Hospital Care, Diagnostic Equipment. Welch Allyn kits, leaflet, curved leaflet, curved leaflet with fiber, laryngoscope leaflet, straight leaflet, straight leaflet with fiber, Welch Allyn leaflets.