Prevention and Intervention

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Lock Out Metal Clamp

Mechanical locking clamp.
Made for intervention and maintenance
equipment mechanic.

Thermal Cameras For Body Temperature Control In High Traffic Areas

Temperature can be a sign of potential difficulties. With thermal imaging cameras, you can catch anything unforeseen before it becomes a problem. Designed for everyday use in the most demanding industrial environments. Synergy offers infrared...

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Adult Aquatic Rescue Mannequin NASCO - 1 Adult Aquatic Rescue Mannequin NASCO - 1
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Adult Aquatic Rescue Mannequin

The Adult Water Rescue Manikin is made of durable vinyl plastic with rust resistant stainless steel skeletons and articulated joints.

Rescue kits

Each option contains the following products:

Speakman 9 Gallon Portable Eyewash Station

The Speakman GravityFlo SE-4400 9 Gallon Portable Eye Cleaner is designed to provide the best solution for locations needing an eye wash that do not have access to a potable water source.

Bradley Portable 7 Gl Eyewash Station

The self-contained eyewash unit is ideal anywhere there is no water supply. available. Rinse eyes for 15 minutes at a minimum of 0.4 gallons / minute using just 7 gallons of water.

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Galaxy GX2 MSA Automatic System Test Calibration Station

The simplicity of the MSA GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System enables advanced security management and easy operation. The new GALAXY GX2 provides simple and intelligent verification and calibration testing for MSA detectors: ALTAIR 2X, ALTAIR®...

KN95 Respirator CE and FDA Certified Mask Synergy Supplies - 1 KN95 Respirator CE and FDA Certified Mask Synergy Supplies - 1
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KN95 Respirator CE and FDA Certified Mask

Respirator designed in order to achieve greater comfort while providing effective protection to the user, both in their placement and breathing. Its convex shape, the design of its elastic bands and the clip for adjustment to the nose; ensure...

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32 Ounce Portable Eyewash Station Double Bottle Encon

Encon 15-minute, portable, self-contained eyewash stations meet ANSI Z358.1 requirements for eyewash. Encon offers several options for self-contained eyewash stations, including portable, pressurized, gravity-fed, and sealed cartridge.

Rapid Test Coronavirus COVID-19 OF ANTIGEN OF SARS-CoV-2 INVIMA

- Results In 15 Minutes - Rapid immunochromatographic test for qualitative detection of the antigen of the nucleocapsid protein of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus type 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in human nasopharyngeal swab samples as an...

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32Oz Eyewash Bottle Physicians Care - 1 32Oz Eyewash Bottle Physicians Care - 1
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32Oz Eyewash Bottle

Sterile ophthalmic eye drops, 98.3% purified water. Eye rinse solution to help irrigate the eyes. To cleanse the eye to help relieve irritation or burning by removing loose foreign material.

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Drager 6820 Dräger Alcotest® Breathalyzer

The Alcotest® 6820 is the improved version of the Alcotest 6810. This compact portable measuring instrument stands out for its short reaction times and can be adapted to...

Respirator N95 M920 Particulate Material Steelpro

Thermo-formed and heat-sealed maintenance-free particulate respirator, designed to achieve greater comfort while providing adequate protection for the user. It allows the filtration of oil-free particulate matter down to a size of 0.3 μm...

Ultrasonido Portátil  - 2 Ultrasonido Portátil  - 1
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Ultrasonido Portátil

Ultrasonic function: Ultrasonic vibration with 1000000 times / s, this vibration is very suitable for caring for the body.

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Pulsioximetro Synergy Supplies - 1 Pulsioximetro Synergy Supplies - 1
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Finger pulse oximeter is an inexpensive and accurate method of detecting heart rate and blood oxygen saturation through the fingers.

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